The Best Restaurants in Zurich.

best restaurants in zurich switzerland

A highly popular European city, Zurich is famous for its scenic beauty, art and wine all across the world. A global tourist destination, it is also known as the financial capital of Switzerland. Every corner of this city paints a picture of elegance, passion and grandeur of Swiss beauty and lifestyle. A true host to the country of Switzerland, Zurich offers the global travelers not only a glimpse into its rich culture and lifestyle, but it also introduces them to some of the best dine-in restaurants in the world. The elite eatery places here are extremely well-known for their culinary skills and are popular for serving the Swiss delicacies at their best. With world-class ambience and style, Zurich restaurants provides innumerable dining options with high class services to travelers, that makes each and every dining experience unique and different in itself.

Kronenhalle Restaurant

It is altogether a rare dining affair, when it is the legendary Kronenhalle restaurant. No, it is not the modern compact restaurant you are looking for but, it is an spectacular century old incredible restaurant and bar that is not only well-known in Zurich but has also a global recognition. If you are looking for gourmet food here, then it is not the only thing you will find here! The interiors of the Kronenhalle restaurant have some of the priceless art collection of the famous Gustavo Zumsteg and Picasso paintings amongst others hanging on the walls. A landmark in its own, the restaurant has world class chefs who introduces you to a menu rich in not only taste but in variety too. Along with traditional and signature dishes, there are many mouth-watering delicacies that will simply give a boost to your taste-buds. Make sure that you order a splendid old wine from their cellar to compliment your meal.

Sonnenburg Restaurant

A stunning and mesmerizing view of the city would accompany your meal at the Sonnenburg restaurant in Zurich. The location of the place is a major motivator because it is not every day you find a restaurant that simple opens up to the view of the Swiss Alps, lake or the magnificent city below, quite a picture right? Plus, the ambience, designs and the creative menu will simply ensure that you spend a memorable time in here with family and friends. At night the hundreds of lights from the city below create yet another stunning view to look out for. The restaurant is one of the best places in Zurich and is known for a premium menu which includes many excellent dishes and incredible Swiss-Mediterranean cuisine. It is also famously known as the FIFA restaurant owing to its contributions and popularity in the Football Federation.

Maison Manesse

A modern eatery restaurant, Maison Manesse is renowned for its surprise and unique menu. It has a very lively and yet elegant ambience and interiors. From the local people to first time tourist, this place is an instant hit among every one. They team at Maison Manesse consists of experienced chefs who put together a mix n’ match menu with exotic ingredients, and skilled staffs who ensure high end services throughout the meal. The six course meal here will simply treat to a royal experience blended with Swiss cuisine. Everything here is perfectly set and speaks of supreme quality of both food and services. The bar serves almost all kinds of popular drinks and the wine cellar has more than 400 bottles of some the finest quality wine in the country.

Swiss Chuchi Restaurant

The extremely popular Swiss fondue, rosti and raclette are the traditional dishes without which any visit to the Zurich is marked as incomplete. The Swiss Chuchi restaurant is a widely remarkable place for serving these best local dishes. Many people have even quoted it to be a delightful restaurant with an unbeatable experience. This Swiss Chuchi is a part of Hotel Adler and is located at the old city of Zurich. The menu here is completely Swiss traditional and local oriented where you will find various food options beginning from variety of meats cooked in different style to many other local specialties. Plus, eating out in a pedestrian area serves as another unique and local experience that is a must try on especially for tourists.

The Restaurant at Dolder Grand

Dinning in an award winning restaurants is a totally exceptional affair. Everything from food, services to interiors is completely outstanding and matchless at The Restaurant at Dolder Grande. In fact, dinning here is elite, elegant and extremely gourmet. With a stylish interior design, the place is set in the backdrop of the magnificent Swiss Alps. Needless to say the chefs here are world renowned and are known for introducing variety of creative mouth-watering dishes and cuisines. The four-course and the seven-course meal here is the ultimate thing to try on. Counted among one of the most exclusive restaurants in Zurich, The Restaurant at Dolder Grand makes quite an impression.

Restaurant Pavilion

A prominent dinning place in Zurich, Pavilion looks more like a dream palace than a luxury restaurant that it is. Built artistically in graceful white, it was designed by the architect Pierre-Yves Rochon. The interiors and the exteriors of the place are as exquisite as the menu and the food served here. You will be also mesmerized by the beauty of stunning 1920s chandeliers that adds to the glory of the restaurant. With a team of skilled chefs headed by the notable chef Laurent Eperon, some of the finest quality meals and hand-picked exclusive wines in Zurich can be found welcoming its guests in Pavilion. It is a completely classic experience to look out for.
While these six places made it to the list of best restaurants in Zurich, it doesn’t just end here! The canton of Zurich is home to many such suave and high-class restaurants that depicts its glorious food culture. The people here believe in rich lifestyle that also includes some of the most exquisite cuisine choices including the celebrated Swiss haute cuisine. While fabulous restaurants and eatery places at every part of the city makes it quite tough to pick a single place, each one of them picked is a great value for money and is always successful at serving its customers the best.