Best Tours to Go On In Zurich

best tours in zurich

Zurich is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. In addition to a bustling urban city with world-class shopping, there are nearby mountains, trails, and centuries of history in and around the Zurich area. Plus, we found a hotels coupon> to save you lots on your trip! So what to see first? We narrowed down some very cool tours, activities and guided tours that you can check out during your stay in Zurich.

Here are Our Picks For the Best Tours to go on in Zurich:

1.Zoo Zurich

The Zoo isn’t a ‘tour’ exactly, although at the Zoo there are shows and animal experiences where experts will show you neat things about a particular animal (there are “penguin parades”!). The Zoo mainly tops this list because it is such a family-friendly event and it works as a tourist destination any time of year.

2. Old Town

The town has history from ancient Roman era. The remains of the city are historical buildings which any history enthusiast will spend hours trying to learn about the past. The town is Zurich’s main attraction site. There are many reasons why many people prefer the place. Both locals and international tourists love visiting the old city due to the rich history it has. It reminds the locals of the historic time when Roman Empire ruled over the region. You can plan with your loved ones and spend hours in the old town where you will get to learn about different things in the history of Zurich.

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3. Lake Zurich

There is a lot for you to enjoy your sightseeing in Zurich. You can take a boat ride and get to know more about Lake Zurich. The lake has a lot of things for you to learn; you can join the locals people for a summertime swim on the lake or just relax on a boat while seeing different types of animals inhabiting the lake. If you like to learn something new while in Zurich, you can go to the lake and get to learn on how to swim in the lake. It is full of activities during summer making it the top destination if you will travel to Zurich during summer months.

4. Swiss National Museum

The Swiss national museum boasts the largest collection of arts in Europe. It has arts collected since the prehistoric era. Less than 16 years are allowed to go free and learn from the past. It is a place where you can save a lot of your money if you are traveling with a family full of children. It is open during Tuesday through to Sunday offering you the best opportunity to learn while in Zurich. There are a lot of things you may not know about Switzerland and Europe in general, but the arts will offer you the right opportunity to learn about different historical events depicted in the arts. If you love learning about the history of Europe, the art museum will play a great role in helping you get to know fine details which you may not have heard about before.

5. Mount Pilatus

The mountain offers you great views of the Swiss city. It is a journey where you will get to pass through Lucerne and access the world’s steepest railway. The railway will take you to the top of Mount Pilatus where you will get a clear view of different areas surrounding Zurich. The mountain has a lot for you to learn. You will experience different heights as you ascend using the railway. It is a fun-filled adventure which you will remember in your life for years to come. The mountain ride is among favorite events in Zurich.

You will get an opportunity to interact with locals from where you will get to learn different facts about the mountain. There are a lot of things you can learn from the city; it is always necessary for you to plan in advance so that you will travel to Zurich while organized on the best tours which you will take with your loved ones so that you will be assured of a great tour.

6. Opera House

The house is the home of Zurich opera. The 19th-century opera house is usually booked-up most of the year. To access the opera house after you arrive, you need to book tickets online in advance. There are several online ticket selling outlets you can take advantage and arrive in Zurich with tickets which you will use with your family members to access the opera house. It has a lot for you to learn about Zurich from the 19th century. The house forms one of the best places where you can go and interact with other people while you get informed about the history of the house.

7. Grossmunster

From legend stories, it is recorded that saints Regula and Felix picked up their heads and walked up the hill where they made a prayer before dying. The place where the saints a believed to have died is where the place Grossmunster church was built. You can visit the church and learn different events in history about the religion in Zurich. It is a popular destination for many believers who visit the city of Zurich. You can spend hours at the church and get to learn new things which will make you return home while educated. Zurich is a city full of tourist attractions which will get you enjoy your stay.