best unique hotels in germany


It is safe to say that Germany has everything a vacationer can ever want from a holiday destination. It has medieval towns, castles, theme parks, cultural attractions, bustling nightlife, delicious cuisine, and a chockfull of 41 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But it is possible that your next Central European jaunt calls for something wildly exciting and unexpected in terms of accommodation. Thus, you might want to forgo the conventional hotel suite outfitted with the customary fancy amenities.  You can also use a travel coupon site to help you make the hotel stay more affordable. If so, here are four unusual German hotels to consider. V8Read More →

best hotels in zurich switzerland

Zurich is a modern city known for its excellent architecture and attention to detail. In attempting to narrow down our selection of hotels for this list, we actually had trouble figuring out who to eliminate! Most travelers these days prefer modern or updated architecture and furnishings, and Zurich hotels have these qualities in spades. Hotwire Coupons can make Zurich more affordable. While Zurich’s high cost of living tends to scare away budget-conscious travelers, we took this into account when ranking our hotels. And if you use a discount booking service, well, then you save that much more. 1. Atlantis by Giardino This hotel is inRead More →

best restaurants in zurich switzerland

A highly popular European city, Zurich is famous for its scenic beauty, art and wine all across the world. A global tourist destination, it is also known as the financial capital of Switzerland. Every corner of this city paints a picture of elegance, passion and grandeur of Swiss beauty and lifestyle. A true host to the country of Switzerland, Zurich offers the global travelers not only a glimpse into its rich culture and lifestyle, but it also introduces them to some of the best dine-in restaurants in the world. The elite eatery places here are extremely well-known for their culinary skills and are popular forRead More →