who proposed the balanced budget amendment

So we are already observing. This is exactly wht President Obama is doing, What they refer to as the minority vote is the ignorant vote! They could care less what the constitution says now. This Congress is quickly destroying the great country. If the states have such instrument in place I belive it will be a good idea for the FED to have such limit. A vote on the balanced budget amendment, first reported by Politico, may be held in early April. Track H.J.Res. Totally agree. We called, mailed, emailed, blogged, videoed, and recalled. That solution is a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) to the United States Constitution. Maybe I’m a bit naive, but why can’t anybody suggest a 10% across-the-board cut for this year and work from there? After that they will have to live on the economy they have created and put in place. However, within that idea I would like to propose the following: Change the tax code to either a 10% flat tax or a 10% national sales tax and do away with all other taxes. I also believe that the Republicans need to get off the tax increase defense at least to the point that they would be willing to take corporate loopholes away. A balanced budget amendment is a proposed federal constitutional rule requiring that the government not spend more than its income in a given year. Res. Those early Americans were right about debt freedom. Senators no longer beholden to the governments of their respective states, national bodies began to seize control over state and local governments via federal regulatory commissions, i.e., the EPA, the FCC and the Departments of Energy and Education. In order to achieve this, the Founders ruled that Senators would be elected by the legislatures of the several states, thereby ensuring a hybrid government, both federal and republican in nature. Is there no recourse when 60 % of the people don’t want to raise the debt ceiling or taxes–and want all this waste spending on earmarks —can we not call for a recall —. While Congress would be granted the power to tax, this authority would come with a caveat. Sincerely. Do you really want the courts to decide how we spend our money. I can see Dems blocking any and all military expenditures…. The Constitution is not the problem: the immoral, unpatriotic, socialist, unethical members of the House and Senate and some who have been President are the problem. Our nation is at a crossroads. This is not unlike the repeated failure of Congress to pass even a bill if not a prefered admendment for stating Constitutional athority for bills introduced. It’s critical to understand basics, history of anything and everything. The nation cannot afford the liberal agenda that has taken too much hold on this nation. HE HAS TOLD US THIS. Balance the the budget, by all means, but constrain Congress with rules governing growth of the budget as well as HOW to balance the budget. July 18, 2017. The word you're looking for is: Balanced The crossword clue "___ budget amendment (proposed Constitutional addition)" published 1 time/s and has 1 unique answer/s on our system. The fight will continue to cut spending or raise taxes. Cato Institute A “balanced budget” amendment to our Constitution, banning Congress from passing a budget that spends more than it takes in, is essential to our nation’s future. The same people who are not honoring the present Constitution will assuredly be on hand to disrespect the newly amended one. HE DOES NOT HAVE THE COUNTRY’S We can see from history that we don’t go by the rules the world seems to be turned upside down. Generally I agree with the lead editorials in the Wall Street Journal, and I am disturbed by their view a couple days ago that a balanced budget amendment will be subject to a myriad of judicial interpretations. That’s true mainly for five reasons: A BBA would hurt the economy even if it tries to account for recessions. The unfortunate rise of Keynesian economics encouraged politicians to think that deficit spending helped the economy.