4 Unusual Hotels in Germany and Expedia Promo Codes to Afford Them.

crazy cool rooms in germany

It is safe to say that Germany has everything a vacationer can ever want from a holiday destination. It has medieval towns, castles, theme parks, cultural attractions, bustling nightlife, delicious cuisine, and a chockfull of 41 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But it is possible that your next Central European jaunt calls for something wildly exciting and unexpected in terms of accommodation. You may have been to the birthplace of over-the-top hotels before: Las Vegas. If not, geez you should really go see it at least once and you can travel to Las Vegas for less using a promo code. However, as crazy as the Vegas hotels are there are some gems in Germany that really give it a run for its money! Thus, you might want to forgo the conventional hotel suite outfitted with the customary fancy amenities.  You can also use a travel coupon site like CouponFly.org – hotel deals and more to help you make the hotel stay more affordable. If so, here are four unusual German hotels to consider.

V8 Hotel

expedia promo code - hotels germanyThe oddball V8 Hotel in Stuttgart is a haven for vintage-car enthusiasts and nostalgia buffs. This four-star hotel is anything but predictable. V8 Hotel has converted Herbie Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz for its beds and couches. Its elaborate décor replicates a Shell gasoline station, a drive-in movie theater, and a car wash. There are also brightly colored murals featuring racing cars and classic automobiles. There are ten suites, each sporting a uniquely quirky car-themed interior design.


Propeller Island City Lodge

Located in Berlin, Propeller Island City Lodge is an enormous art installation first before it can be considered as a standard travel accommodation. Consisting of thirty-one rooms, each room decked out with unique styling, the Propeller Island City Lodge also features a Frühstücksraum (breakfast area) and an art gallery. And the rooms–one cannot even begin to adequately describe their imaginative and artistic slant–are ingeniously conceived. Among the many notables are the Flying Bed (whose floor is inclined to trick the eye into seeing a levitating bed), Gruft (equipped with a labyrinth and coffin beds), and Padded Cell (which simulates a padded room in an asylum).



The Huttenpalast Hotel in Germany
Image Credit: Huettenpalast.de

Like Propeller Island City Lodge, Hüttenpalast is another curiously designed hotel in Berlin. Hüttenpalast was converted from an old factory building. The interior is sectioned into affordable loft-style lodging spaces. Your accommodation options can range from an indoor tree house to a converted retro-inspired caravan. There are also wooden huts, cabins in an indoor campground, and good old traditional hotel suites.


Alcatraz Hotel

Using an old prison building in Kauserslautern, the staff of Alcatraz Hotel stays true to the stark jail-themed motif throughout by offering guests to any of the 56 cells a pair of striped pajamas. Even the common areas stick close to the minimalist prison theme. Lodging options range from budget-friendly rooms with a common shower facility to contemporary suites equipped with flat-screen television units. Surely, your idea of a holiday vacation does not involve spending a night in jail. But Alcatraz Hotel’s version of having guests “spend a night in jail” may just be what you need to cap off your fantastic vacation to Germany.


If you still can’t get enough of Germany’s plethora of wacky and eccentric hotels, then you might want to check out Baumhaushotel, where you get to experience being in an enchanted fairy tale. There’s also Hotel Lindenwirt, a three-star hotel that offers guests the option of sleeping inside a giant wine barrel.